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How will decisions be made in forming the regional school?

A. The Archdiocese outlined the governance and management structure for the process of creating the regional school. The Board of Directors, adhering closely to the by-laws established by the Archdiocese, has governing authority. Principals, administrators, an advisory council, and five steering committees provide input to the Board. 

Board of Directors

  • Gary Wilmer, Assistant Superintendent of Personnel and Planning - Office of Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis
  • Fr. Jim Liekhus, Pastor - St. John’s / St. Joseph’s
  • Fr. David Ostrowski, Pastor - IHM

Regional School Advisory Council

Anastasia Benz Joan Blackman John Goodpastor Carolyn Hermann
Joann Meyer Kris Nelson Bill Johnson Mark Pihart
Kristen Stanley Karla Sweeney    

Steering Committee - Advancement

Kimberly Berneck Elizabeth D'Aurora Garrett Grneit Megan Hanley
David Hoffman Ray Kelly Joann Meyer Mark Pihart
Heather Sexton Krista Wiederholt Rick Wiederholt  

Steering Committee - Climate for Learning

Joan Blackman Julie Carr Kathy Cook Jo Farrell
Leslie Golinvaux Jane McMonagle Kris Nelson Ellen Rock
Jill Saverinski Sarah Schwab Briget Tangney  

Steering Committee -  Facilities

Jeff Abramson Steve Cook Wade Dunkley John Goodpaster
Bill Johnson Nick Jorczak Paul Gorman  

 Steering Committee -  Co-Curricular

Sheila Anderson Carolyn Hermann Amy Kelly Nissawz Miller
Margaret Requet Kristin Stanley Maureen Tesch  Kevin Waters

Steering Committee -  Before and After School

Anastasia Benz Grace Dunkley Sarah Jorczak Toni Nelson
Carla Sweeney       

Q. What will happen to the current staff of both schools?
A. The current staff at both schools were invited to apply for positions at the new school. The Board of Directors will begin the hiring process by first hiring administration; and once in place, the process of hiring staff will begin. Teachers will likely be hired in early spring of 2013, hopefully by spring break.

Q.  What will be the roles of the pastors of the sponsoring parishes in forming the regional school?
A. The pastors from both sponsoring parishes are on the new school’s Board of Directors.  Both pastors will be very involved in the formation of the school’s Catholic identity.  The pastors, along with members from both sponsoring parishes, will help establish a strong program of faith formation for our students. 

Q.  What are your thoughts/plans around Catholic faith formation and spiritual development for faculty as part of the mission and professional development at NDA?
A. Faculty who commit to teaching in a Catholic school should have, foremost in their mind, an unwavering commitment to sharing their faith with children through both formal and informal educational means. By informal, consider “modeling.”  Our principal and faculty will actively pursue and engage in celebrating the values and virtues of the Church to the extent that they are seamlessly integrated into the daily fabric of our school’s learning culture. Mr. Factor has indicated that he will work and consult with the faculty to develop and implement strategies —traditional and innovative— that are meaningful and effective ways to ensure faculty involvement and support for their own spiritual journeys.

Q.  What will happen to bequests of the schools?
A. The Board will review the intentions of the donors and consult with the Archdiocese on all bequests.

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