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The school as an extension of the human family should strive to educate the whole student academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally. This requires a tremendous amount of teamwork and a shared vision for the entire community as we work to teach and guide students from preschool through the eighth grade.

Our faculty is called to integrate Christian truth and values throughout each day and within each class, regardless of the subject they teach. Our school is based on Catholic beliefs and principles, but also welcomes families from other religious backgrounds. Students study religion each day and attend Mass as a school once a week. They also develop a natural understanding of the teachings of Christ, which is incorporated seamlessly throughout their day. Students develop the ability to make good decisions in their lives as they are both empowered and surrounded by a community of respect and love. This includes the students’ participation in daily religious studies, daily prayers, and attendance at weekly Mass. Also throughout the school year, students participate in a variety of Christian service projects.

The religion curriculum is developed to instill in students the importance of prayer, sacramental growth, liturgical participation, familiarity with scripture and the life of Christ, and the history of the Catholic Church. This curriculum should lead students toward living out the Gospel by developing a relationship with God and living to be of service
to others.


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