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Wellness Mission Statement

Notre Dame Academy (NDA) is committed to fostering spiritual, intellectual, moral, and physical excellence in our students. The NDA Wellness Committee helps fulfill this commitment by engaging teachers, food service professionals, administrators, students and the school community in developing a focus on wellness surrounding food, health, and physical education. We define wellness as a healthy balance of the mind, body, and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. We strive to improve the overall health and wellness of the NDA community by providing information, resources, activities, and services that enhance learning and contribute to the development of lifelong wellness practices.

  Wellness Goals, 2016-17 school year

  Wellness Report Card, 2015-16 school year

  Ideas for birthday celebrations

Wellness Goals for Notre Dame Academy

Nutrition Promotion

  1. The school lunch program will offer healthy lunch items with a variety of colors in accordance with the USDA requirements.

    • Lunch menus will be reviewed and updated in accordance with the policy.

  2. The school will request non-food choices for birthday celebrations.

    • The school policy book will provide other suggestions for birthday celebrations.  Items like stickers, books, pencils and the like will be requested instead of traditional foods. Occasional classroom celebrations must provide a healthy food choice.

  3. NDA will not allow a vending machine where it is accessible to students.

  4. The Student Council “snack cart” will provide healthy and low fat/calorie items for purchase. 

  5. NDA will not approve food or beverage marketing within the school facility.

Nutrition Education and Well-being

  1. Students will receive nutrition education through the regular school curriculum in science, physical education, health and religion classes.

  2. Posters will be visible in the cafeteria and/or gym promoting nutrition ideas and healthy choices.

  3. Middle schools classes will have a traditional health class with curriculum focusing on nutrition, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.  

Physical Activity

  1. Students will receive recess time daily. Recess will take place outdoors weather permitting.  

  2. NDA will attempt to schedule recess prior to the lunch period for all grade levels.

  3. Students will receive a minimum of 30 minutes of Physical Education instruction during their regularly scheduled PE classes. Students will have PE a minimum of 2 times per week.

  4. As scheduling allows, other physical activity courses may be offered during the school year.

  5. Fitness testing will be conducted in PE classes and students will set goals for their fitness and health.

 Other School Activities

  1. NDA will participate in the CSC student health fair each year it is available.

  2. NDA will offer school community activity nights during the winter months to encourage physical activity and wellness.

  3. NDA will offer before and after school activities that promote health and fitness.

  4. NDA will do a yearly assessment of its goals and post information on the school website and provide updates in the Insight and at the yearly school report event.

  5. NDA will offer a health and wellness fair to the community.

  6. NDA will offer a flu shot clinic to employees, parents, and students.

  7. NDA will encourage more people to participate in our Marathon event.

  8. NDA will seek some health or wellness related presentations for students/parents during the school year.

  9. NDA will write grants for health/wellness related needs.



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