Our 6th graders went on a class trip in October to the Eagle Bluff Environmental Camp. This annual overnight trip requires several chaperones and the willingness to brave the ever-changing fall weather. Mrs. Wilson has loved helping out with this field trip for the past few years, but this year she was needed in a new way.


A Chaperone’s Musings

I was incredibly excited and very organized but the quote from Oliver Hardy was in my brain as I boarded the bus, “Well here’s another fine mess you have gotten me into!”  I was about to face my own personal fear, and I needed courage.

“Now be strong Mrs Wilson, the students are all feeling the same way as you, give them confidence and support!”  The voice in my head was there the whole journey!

Nobody was aware Mr Dargis had asked me, very graciously, to lead one of the classes at the Environment Center, and I was terrified! I accepted the challenge because it was weeks away and sounded fun.

The weather was not being very cooperative, so when we arrived the Eagle Bluff, the staff had rearranged the schedule to fit in the high-ropes course and fire-pit events to dodge the rain. The agenda was posted on the wall but no time had been allocated for my class!  Phew, I had escaped from my commitment! I mentioned it to Mr Dargis, and he turned the page over!  There it was, and it filled me with trepidation!  Was I ready? I have no experience of teaching a class. What was I thinking when I agreed to do this?

I love chaperoning the Eagle Bluff field trip, and there is so much positivity and encouragement from staff and colleagues.  Who knew I would need it, too?  I was learning exactly what we were teaching the students – to find confidence in themselves during the three days.  Plus our school theme this year is “Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, as indeed you do.” 1Thessalonians 5:11

The story could go on, but our beautiful, courageous, funny and clever students accepted my class and hopefully learned something interesting.  We talked about owls and dissected owl-pellets.  Mr Dargis knew weeks ago I could do it. Thank you for the push.

So, did anyone learn anything? Well, the following day when the chaperones were comparing notes, our intrepid grandparent of one of our students said, “I did not know that owls do not have eyeballs!”  Finally, proof that someone was listening!

Mrs. Wilson at Eagle Bluff

Notre Dame Academy