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Notre Dame Academy Traditions

Marathon 2021

We are excited for our 2021 Marathon! This event has been a Catholic school tradition for 40 years and a Notre Dame Academy tradition since spring of 2014. The Minnesota Marathon for Nonpublic Education, Inc., is an association of parents, educators, and friends of nonpublic education who promote this yearly event. Participants will raise money for NDA. All proceeds collected by the participants and sponsors are given directly to the school. Student participants obtain donations from sponsors, and then walk or run the Marathon route at NDA.


This Year’s Event

Our goal is $35,000. We understand that it may be a stretch for some families to donate right now and please know that it is ok if you cannot give at this time. We are grateful for anything that can be collected for this fundraiser under the current circumstances.

Notre Dame Academy will hold our Marathon on May 7, 2021. We ask you to discuss with your children your rules for safety in regards to asking sponsors for donations. Encourage them to ask family, friends, neighbors or other people the students already know. They can bring a donation into school or ask sponsors to donate online. We thank you in advance for your support of our school and this event!

We understand that meeting with the neighbors, relatives or grandparents may still not be happening in our usual way, so perhaps your child could make a phone call, send an email or text message, or write a letter to ask for a donation in support of NDA.

Students with cash or check donations may turn in their Marathon envelope each Wednesday in the weeks leading up to Marathon. Online pledges do not need to be recorded on the manilla envelope weekly, please be sure to turn in your envelope the final week. The donation deadline is May 7 at 10:00am. Students will be walking with their class for the actual event. We are excited for them to participate regardless of their ability to collect donations.


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Prizes for this year’s marathon are listed below. As we work towards our final goal, we will have incentives attached to all school prizes. The prizes for 2021 are:

  • $10,000 – Chocolate Milk Option at Lunch EVERYDAY
  • $20,000 – Friday Spirit Wear Days (for the upcoming year)
  • $30,000 – Ice Cream Truck Visit
  • $35,000 – A Surprise from Father John and Father Paul

We’ll have two class prizes this year for the grade that brings in the most donations (based on an average donation per student). We will award one class winner in grades K-4 and one in grades 5-8.

The winning class will have the choice of the following prizes:

  • Pizza party for the class
  • Doughnuts and juice for the class
  • Popcorn and movie afternoon
  • Out of uniform for the last week of school

Each student who brings in at least $5 will be entered into this year’s participation drawing (one ticket per student). These winners will receive Target gift cards, and we hope to have as many students participate as possible!

How can you help?

Marathon tips:

Ask family, friends, and neighbors to sponsor you by making a donation for Marathon to support your school. Consider contacting coaches, parishioners and alumni of NDA.

It may be helpful to write out a personal message about your school to share with your family, friends, and neighbors.

Donations can be made online!

Donations by check can be made out to Notre Dame Academy. Please mail the checks to: Notre Dame Academy, 13505 Excelsior Blvd. Minnetonka, MN 55345 and note Marathon on the memo line.

Ask sponsors if their employer will match the donation. This is an easy way to increase your donation and every gift matters! Please send Liz Flom an email with the information to expect the match.

Be sure to tell your sponsors their donations are tax deductible. NDA will mail tax receipts for donations over $100.

Please help us to meet our $35,000 goal!

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