NDA’s Math League was full of success this year! Although many aspects were different, team successes were a constant. Our five virtual meets were held starting all the way back in September and concluded this past week. We have been practicing every Tuesday for an hour after school which certainly was well rewarded. In our West Metro Division, NDA captured 3rd place over the cumulative five meet season! We are proud of all members of our team: Andrew S. (8), Meghan S. (8), Bevelyne R. (7), Nadia E. (7), Bella O. (6), CiCi X. (6), and Colin J. (6) for their incredible individual and team accomplishments. A very special acknowledgement of the success of two of our students finishing in the top ten of all West Metro Division Competitors: Andrew S. (8) who finished in second place and Meghan S. (8) who finished in ninth place! We are proud to be able to recognize their success in the coming weeks.

Mr. Scott Athey, Math League Coach

Notre Dame Academy