2021 NDA Marathon

We are excited for our 2021 NDA Marathon! This event has been a Catholic school tradition for 40 years and a Notre Dame Academy tradition since spring of 2014. The Minnesota Marathon for Nonpublic Education, Inc., is an association of parents, educators, and friends of private education who promote this yearly event. Participants will raise money for NDA by obtaining donations from sponsors, and then walk or run NDA’s marathon route.

Dr. Jungels kicked off our annual Marathon on Friday, April 16, and announced that we have some fun all school incentives students can earn. We also look forward to including a very special something yet to be announced from our priests, Fr. John and Fr. Paul. We will have a somewhat modified but in person walking event on May 7th. Listed below are more details about this year’s deadlines and incentives.

Here’s what your child can do…

  • Sign up sponsors to make a donation to NDA!

  • Online donations can be made on the Marathon page (under Events) on the NDA website.

  • Please list any cash or check donations on the form sent home.

  • Ask your sponsors if their employer will match their donation and check the box below.

  • Be sure to tell your sponsors that their donations are tax deductible and give them a tax-deductible receipt for donations under $100.  NDA will mail tax receipts for donations over $100.

  • Checks can be made payable to NDA.

  • When you have donations, please put the completed form inside your Marathon envelope and turn it in each week on donation Wednesdays. Your envelope will be returned to you at the end of the day to continue collecting sponsors.

  • All pledges and envelopes need to be turned into the school office by 10:00am on Friday May 7, 2021.


 If you have any questions, contact the school office at 952-358-3500.


2021 Prizes

Prizes for this year’s marathon are listed below. As we work towards our final goal, we will have incentives attached to all school prizes. The prizes for 2021 are:

  • $10,000 – Chocolate Milk Option at Lunch EVERYDAY
  • $20,000 – Friday Spirit Wear Days (for the upcoming year)
  • $30,000 – Ice Cream Truck Visit
  • $35,000 – A Surprise from Father John and Father Paul

We’ll have two class prizes this year for the grade that brings in the most donations (based on an average donation per student). We will award one class winner in grades K-4 and one in grades 5-8.

The winning class will have the choice of the following prizes:

  • Pizza party for the class
  • Doughnuts and juice for the class
  • Popcorn and movie afternoon
  • Out of uniform for the last week of school

Each student who brings in at least $5 will be entered into this year’s participation drawing (one ticket per student). These winners will receive Target gift cards, and we hope to have as many students participate as possible!

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