Matt Johnson is a current parent at NDA. He and his wife, Amanda, have four kids at NDA and strongly value the private education NDA provides their family. They love the faith opportunities that surface on any given school day consistently throughout the school year and appreciate the support their receive from NDA in raising faith-filled children.

A snapshot of our family of 4 kids: Girl Scouts, swimming lessons, piano, soccer, and hockey. This is not a comprehensive list, and it can be a challenge to find where God fits into our over- scheduled days. Which is not to shirk our responsibility—but on this note we very much appreciate the Catholic aspect of NDA.

My son has had opportunities for regular confession, which in his words, brings a sense of a joyful new beginnings. He appreciates regular time in adoration as a moment of quiet, relaxation, and an opportunity to pray. I asked him about the rosary, which is occasionally an all school prayer, one that he describes as “a great prayer because it is long, out-loud, and makes it easier to grow closer to God”. Fair enough!

With other faith opportunities such as weekly mass, religious instruction, and youth group for the older kids, I have confidence that NDA offers so much more than a private education at an affordable cost. While it is not the school’s responsibility to raise our kids to be Catholic-that lies specifically with my wife and I-we are grateful to have NDA as a resource in helping us live out that mission.

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