Did you know that Notre Dame Academy is in its 10th year as a regional Catholic school?  We have become a uniquely diverse community where nearly 200 students from 13 school districts gather not only to learn, but to be a part of a community where we help one another succeed.  As a Catholic school, we are committed to having faith in all children and help them discover their God-given talents.

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Week of Gratitude

Walking through the hall last week at NDA I learned an interesting concept from the Kindergarten class; take a snapshot in your brain of things you want to remember.  Miss Keenan asked her students to close their eyes and picture how many items had been brought in for the ICA Food Drive on Monday so they could remember and compare it to what the donation “pile” looked like on Friday.

Last week was a REALLY big week for NDA.  I decided to take a snapshot in my brain of these very important acts of generosity and share them:

5 Days of Gratitude
·      7 NDA students spoke at 7 masses at St. Gabriel’s and IHM
·      400 cookies baked by students and parents
·      30 Gratitude Bags assembled and delivered to members of our community who support NDA and Catholic education
·      Nearly 2000 pounds of food and $1,500 gathered for the ICA Food Shelf
·      35 paper hearts filled with notes of gratitude created for our teachers
·      24 hours of adoration attended at IHM with prayer intentions for NDA
·      1 Thanksgiving meal cooked and shared with the ENTIRE school

1 Day of Giving
·      36 hours
·      More than $157,000

NDA students are AMAZING and truly a blessing.  This snapshot is only a small piece of the acts of generosity that happen here every day with our students.  They’ve learned this because of our community.  Parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, parishioners, and beyond care deeply about the students and their Catholic education.  Expectations of who they become shapes what happens inside the walls of Notre Dame Academy.

More than $157,000 in 36 hours… my heart is feeling so much joy.  22% of these gifts came from our current parents. 78% of our gifts came from our grandparents, parishioners, alumni families, board members, staff and friends.

I continue to be overwhelmed by your heartfelt support of our school while expecting nothing in return.  Your actions demonstrate generosity at its core and abundantly bless Notre Dame Academy.  Every gift benefits every student, every day, keeping tuition affordable and Catholic education accessible.  We could not do this without your help.

Thank you,

Vivian Pritchard
NDA Development Director

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