Coin War Results
The coins have been counted and we have exciting news! NDA brought in over $3,700 for our friends at Risen Christ! Small things definitely added up and their families are grateful for your generosity. Next Thursday, February 25th, will be our all school prize day since we surpassed our goal of $2,000. Students are welcome to come to school following the non-uniform policy.

Section level winners were grades 1, 5 & 7. Each of those classes will enjoy a small prize in the coming days. The overall class winner of dollars brought in per student was 5th grade.

We found some pretty interesting items in our coin jars. Coins from all over the world made their way to NDA! Locations included Canada, Britain, Israel, Guatemala, Croatia, South Africa and Australia! Our most unique items were lithium batteries, laundry tokens and an earring, and the oldest coins were a steel penny from 1943 and a pesos from 1959.

The students seemed to really enjoy sneaking down the hall with their dollar bills as the competition heated up. Thank you again for your prayers of support during our service project!

Notre Dame Academy